Take advantage of technology for your business even when it makes no sense

Pokemon Go is a video game thats is trending like crazy right now. People are walking like zombies with their “smartphone” to find pokemons¬†everywhere. How can that be a good thing?

While playing this game might not be the best route for life success, it can be a business opportunity for business owners. Some business owners might pay to have pokemons in their place to attract clients, this idea might not be the best because this trend will probably stop as fast as it happened.

So how can a business owner take advantage of Pokemon Go trend and still have a business advantage when this trend will stop? The idea is to think about what is needed for this trend to work? Then take this ressource and adapt it so that you can use it for your business. If you want to know more, here’s a great article about¬†Roy Seo’s new technology that will become a norm very soon in industries such as restaurants, hotels, car dealers, bars and more.